Baby area

Reserved for children aged 3 to 7 with different routes

In this area no harnesses are used but only the helmet provided at the Info Point after registration

THE CASTLE : height of about 3 meters, without safety cables, all protected by fall protection nets to allow you to play in complete tranquility and freedom between bridges, walkways and towers, finding refuge in houses built on trees

JUNIOR ROUTES : composed of 7 elements placed 1 meter above the ground. Transitions from tree to tree are easy and fun, just hold on to the safety lines and challenge yourself. The presence of two exciting cableways with pulleys and plate complete the routes making them even more fun

TREE HOUSE : a Big House with 2 beautiful and fun slides, also connected to the “houses of the Neverland” with easy passages all protected by nets and a long final slide

THE BIG NETWORK: the most beautiful and fun attraction of the Baby Area, is a high and wide suspended net with large colored balls inside and two other levels of nets to reach it. Access is via a climbing net tube and descends via a very long slide