To ensure a day of fun in safety, Parcallario has drawn up a regulation with extraordinary rules for access to the park .

Parcallario has a large equipped area immersed in a wood large enough to guarantee compliance with the rules on interpersonal distancing. In any case, we rely on common sense in respect of everyone.

For this to be possible, we ask our customers to strictly follow this regulation for the safety and respect of all.

In addition, you will also find the new regulation for access to the park’s play areas .

So here are some recommendations ……

  • THE USE OF THE MASK IS MANDATORY ALSO OUTDOORS: when you are at a distance of less than 1 meter from others, (e.g .: harness collection and delivery area, bathrooms, infopoint ), during dressing (for putting on and taking off harnesses) e during the briefing, USERS WITHOUT A MASK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you need it you can find it with us at a cost of € 0.50)
  • Also on routes it is necessary to bring the mask with you to use it in case of close contact with the operator (e.g .: possible rescue)
  • We recommend using sanitizing gel . Disinfect your hands often in available locations.
  • Are available coated gloves specially for the adventure trails at the cash desk for € 1.50 (Adult size from 6 to 10).
  • Maintain as much as possible minimum safety distance of at least 1 meter from others.
  • We recommend using long pants or bermuda shorts and closed shoes . We also ask you to avoid tops that leave the belly uncovered.
  • There is a limited number on the routes of people to ensure distancing.
  • Underage users must be followed in the attractions by an adult companion who ensures compliance with the rules (in the adventure paths the parent if he does not do the paths will follow the minor from the ground). Inside the attractions is allowed only one companion per child , in order not to create gatherings.
  • We encourage you to opt for electronic payments wherever possible.
  • If possible download the regulation for the routes from the site and bring it already signed to the park coffers.
  • Obligation to stay at home in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms and in that case call your GP or PLS.
  • Obligation to stay at home if you have been in contact with positive people to the virus in the previous 14 days.
  • Obligation to promptly declare where, even after entry, dangerous conditions exist (symptoms of flu, onset of fever, etc.);
  • Obligation to comply with all hygiene provisions and those relating to distancing measures and correct behavior.
  • It is the responsibility of the guests to follow the official national and local regulations relating to the spread of the coronavirus, it being understood that people belonging to the same family unit are not obliged to respect interpersonal distance.


  • In the BABY AREA there is a quota number of children and carers that will have to respect the number foreseen for each attraction
  • If possible we recommend that you bring the form already completed and printed – (download it from here)
  • Children are subject to the parental supervision for compliance with the indications provided. Only one companion per child is allowed inside, so as not to create crowds.
  • Check the capacity of each game / area before entering it.
  • For everyone’s respect, please diversify your use of the games to allow everyone to access them.
  • As per current legislation children over 6 years old they have obligation to use the mask .