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What is the minimum age to be able to do the adventure trails?2022-02-17T10:53:12+01:00

The minimum age required is 8 years or a height of at least 120 cm to make the simpler routes (Green and Orange). Above 140 cm you can do all the routes. While for the little ones, approximately from 3 to 7 years old, there is the Baby Area with all the attractions suitable for their age.

Is it necessary to book the adventure trails?2022-02-17T10:52:54+01:00

Adventure trails can be booked online or directly at the park when you arrive. It is always necessary to book for large groups both on weekends and during the week. Groups can book the park even on closing days, from March to November.

What time do you have to arrive to do the routes during the weekend?2022-02-17T10:52:35+01:00

The park opens at 10.00 and the last briefing is at 17.30. Saturday is recommended all day at any time while Sunday is better in the morning because there is a greater turnout and you can book on the spot.

Is access to the park area allowed without using the adventure trails?2022-02-17T10:52:15+01:00

The Park area is accessible to all upon payment of the entrance ticket for adults, children up to 12 years of age enter for free. Those who want to do the activities pay the corresponding ticket at the cash desk of the Info Point.

What kind of clothing is needed?2022-02-17T10:52:02+01:00

It is advisable to wear comfortable, sporty clothing with tennis or trekking shoes, to avoid slippers or completely open sandals.

How long can you stay on the adventure trails?2022-02-17T10:51:44+01:00

The ticket entitles you to stay on the routes from one hour to all day , depending on the package you choose.

What happens in case of bad weather?2022-02-17T10:51:28+01:00

With low rainfall (however at the discretion of the instructors) the routes can be done. In the event of thunderstorms with lightning or strong winds, the Adventure Park is immediately closed. If in doubt, contact us to make sure the Adventure Park is open. If you are forced to abandon the routes within the first half hour from the start, you have a voucher to use them again.

Do minors have to be accompanied?2022-02-17T10:51:10+01:00

Yes, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult who must sign the registration form (assumption of responsibility). Minors must be followed on the ground by a responsible adult, who will have participated in the briefing and will check that minors always follow the safety rules

Can dogs be brought into the Adventure Park area?2022-02-17T10:50:54+01:00

Yes, as long as they are on a leash.

What does the route ticket entitle you to?2022-02-17T10:50:38+01:00

The ticket for the Adventure Routes includes:

  • explanation and practice with the instructor (briefing).
  • the equipment (via ferrata set and helmet).
  • assistance along the routes by the instructors.
Can we bring our own equipment (eg helmet, harness, gloves)?2022-02-17T10:50:23+01:00

It is mandatory to use our harness and helmet. Gloves can be brought from home or purchased at the cash desk at a cost of € 1.50 per pair.

Is the Adventure Park suitable for everyone, even without experience?2022-02-17T10:50:06+01:00

Yes, no previous experience is necessary, with a normal physical condition you can have fun at all ages in the various courses. The BLACK course requires greater resistance and physical strength, all those who are at least 140 cm tall can tackle it (adults or minors accompanied)

Can participants be followed along the route?2022-02-17T10:49:51+01:00

Yes, under the routes it is always possible to see the participants

Is there a refreshment point inside the park?2022-02-17T10:49:34+01:00

Yes, there is a refreshment point where it is possible to consume sandwiches, grilled meat with various appetizers, drinks and ice cream.

Is it possible to make reservations for groups?2022-02-17T10:47:29+01:00

Yes, we accept bookings for groups of at least 15 people even during the week when the park opens only on weekends (spring-autumn-winter)

Are there any restrictions on weight or height?2022-02-17T10:47:03+01:00

The maximum measurements of our harnesses are: leg loops 80 cm, waist size 130cm.

Is it possible to book tables and barbecues for picnics and packed lunches?2022-02-17T10:46:42+01:00

We do not make reservations for tables and barbecues in the equipped area. Only those who book lunch at the Punto Ristoro have a reserved table.

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