• tickets purchased online are NOT refundable in any way . However, they are valid until the end of the season (weather permitting the end of November).
  • Vouchers purchased online can be given, given away or sold to other people.
  • You can buy multiple tickets with a single transaction without any limit on the number. Tickets purchased in that transaction must be used on the same day. To use them on different days, we recommend proceeding with separate orders;
  • The presales cannot be combined with other discounts;
  • Once the Park activities have started it is not possible to have even partial refunds and, in the event of interruption or suspension, the following rules apply:
  • Adverse Weather Conditions :
  • In case of cancellation of the opening date, it is possible move and reschedule the date booked online, upon timely communication to the customer;
  • In case of interruption of the activity already started, a “Bad weather voucher” can be obtained to return on another date, valid for one year from the date of issue;

Moving the booked date:

You can always reschedule the booked date if the request is received at least 5 days before the date itself, otherwise it will not be possible.

Cancellation of opening date

The Seasonal Opening Calendar may be subject to change. Parcallario undertakes to promptly communicate the possibility of these changes by offering the customer a new date to reschedule the activity.


  • The minimum age for access to the suspended activities of the Adventure Park is 8 years , the minimum height is 120 cm .
  • For THE BABY AREA are enough 3 years and maximum age allowed 8 years
  • The maximum weight allowed on the routes is 110 kg .
  • For minors , you need an adult present to sign the registration form.
  • Payment can be made by VISA / MasterCard credit card, or bank transfer following the provisions illustrated in the procedures described online;
  • A is recommended Comfortable clothes and especially closed shoes
  • All equipment (helmets and harnesses) will be provided by us;

Those who do not access the games and paths can enter the adventure park upon payment of an entrance ticket of € 2.00, required from 14 years of age.